Palm: Expanding Playoff Won't Reduce Blowouts

Expanding the playoff is about inclusion, not improving quality of games, Jerry Palm says

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
January 02, 2019 - 9:09 am

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After a pair of blowouts in the College Football Playoff semifinals, many fans are calling for playoff expansion.

But as CBS Sports college football writer Jerry Palm explained, expanding the playoff won’t necessarily improve the quality of games.

“We’ve had semifinals pretty much every year of this thing that have been ugly,” Palm said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “The Oklahoma/Georgia game last year was great. (Ohio State/Alabama) the first year (was close). All of the others have been blowouts. How does expanding the playoffs reduce the number of blowouts? It doesn’t.”

Still, it’s difficult for fan bases to see their team get left out of the playoffs – only to see the teams that made it ahead of them get blasted.

“The argument for expanding the playoffs is for inclusion, to get all of the teams that might be capable of winning the playoff or to get at least all of the major conference champions and the best conference champion from the Group of Five,” Palm said. “It’s really about inclusion and has nothing to do with the quality of the games.”

In the end, fans can be frustrated by this year’s blowouts, but the playoff field was comprised of three undefeated teams and a conference champion that avenged its only loss of the season.

“You’ve got three major undefeated teams, and I think they took the best of the one-loss teams, and that was Oklahoma,” Palm said. “If you’re only going to pick four, it had to be the four they picked.”