Jerome Baker: I Was "Very Bothered" By Baker Mayfield Planting Flag

The former Ohio State linebacker said Mayfield's flag-plant was "definitely disrespectful"

The DA Show
March 27, 2018 - 12:29 pm

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Baker Mayfield was perhaps the most polarizing player in college football last season, and it all started with a flag-plant in Columbus. After leading Oklahoma to a 31-16 win over Ohio State in September, Mayfield planted the Sooner flag on the Ohio State logo.

Former Buckeyes linebacker Jerome Baker said he was “very bothered” by Mayfield’s antics that night.

"He pretty much waited until Ohio State (was off the field),” Baker said on The DA Show. “Then he did it. . . . He didn’t do it while we were still down there. We didn’t watch him do it. We was already gone. . . . I know he definitely wouldn’t have done it if we all was there. But it’s all emotional. I know some of the guys talked to him personally about it. It’s all good. It’s definitely disrespectful.”

Ohio State went 10-1 over its final 11 games, but a stunning 55-24 loss at Iowa likely kept the Buckeyes out of the playoff. Instead, the committee selected Alabama, which won its fifth national title in nine seasons.

Baker was asked if Ohio State got robbed last year.

“I wouldn’t say robbed," Baker said. “I always say you can control what you can control, and we lost that Iowa game. That was it for us. That was it. Embarrassing loss, though. I would have loved to play in the playoff.”

Ohio State finished 12-2, beating Wisconsin 27-21 in the Big Ten Championship and USC 24-7 in the Cotton Bowl.

Baker, 21, is now preparing for the NFL Draft. At 6-1, 232 pounds, he’s not the biggest linebacker prospect in the year’s class, but he believes he’s big enough to succeed in the NFL.

“I can hit anybody, no matter if I’m 200 pounds or 230,” he said. “When you pop on that film, it don’t matter how big I am or how big they are. I’m going to hit you. If you’re questioning my size as far as if I’m going to hit somebody, all you got to do is pop on the film and you can see I can hit anybody.”

Baker believes he can be a utility linebacker a la Myles Jack and Shaq Thompson.

“I can play a lot of different roles,” Baker said. “I can just play linebacker, I have the speed to play safety, I can play nickel – no matter what it is, I can mold my game into whatever you need me to do. I find I’m more valuable just because you can use me pretty much in any defense in some way. That’s what makes me valuable.”