Jeremiah: Four Quarterbacks Could Get Drafted In The Top Five

"That's how crazy it could get," Daniel Jeremiah said. "It's going to be nuts."

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
April 25, 2018 - 9:06 am

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Every NFL Draft, based on team needs and personnel available, has an identity. There’s no denying the Draft’s identity in 2018.

“The craziness is the quarterbacks,” NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “We’ve had other years before (like this). We had the Goff-Wentz year. We had the Mariota-Winston year. So we’ve always had this guy or the other guy in the debate. Last year, we thought ‘Okay, maybe this isn’t as good of a group.’ We thought they would go later and all of a sudden those trades happened then they all went off the board.”

Indeed, three quarterbacks – Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, and Deshaun Watson – went in the top 12.

“Trubisky goes early, and then after that you see people come up for Deshaun Watson, and you see the Chiefs come up for Mahomes and that got nutty,” Jeremiah said “This year, we’ve got five marquee quarterbacks that every college fan knows because they’ve heard about them forever, and every NFL fan has been paying attention and watching and following and waiting for them to come to the league. When you have those marquee names and so many teams in need of quarterbacks – including the two franchises in New York picking back-to-back with the second and third picks – it is a perfect storm.”

Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, and Lamar Jackson will likely all be first-round picks. But how many quarterbacks will go in the top 10?

“I wouldn’t be shocked if we four of the top five picks were quarterbacks,” Jeremiah said. “That’s how crazy it can get. If the Cleveland Browns decided they wanted to trade out of 4, I think that’s a possibility – or even if they stayed there at 4 and the Giants decided they wanted to take a quarterback – we could see somebody trade up to the fifth spot. I’d be shocked if we don’t four go in the top 10. I think four in the top six has been hinted around, and as we get here, you even hear folks saying, ‘Hey, who knows? Maybe four of the top five.’ It’s going to be nuts.”

Whatever happens, millions will be watching around the world, as the buzz for the Draft only intensifies with each passing year.

“It is so fun,” Jeremiah said. “There’s seats that are behind where the stage is, so you wouldn’t even be able to see the players or see the stage. You know what, though? If you’d go up to my son, who’s 14 years old, or some of these other people that have fallen in love with the draft, I think they would take the seats when they couldn’t even see the stage just to be a part of the event. It’s turned into offseason Super Bowl. It’s unbelievable.”