Jennings: Veterans Better Off Without OTAs

From injuries to subpar training, OTAs can be overrated, Rashad Jennings said

Reiter Than You
June 13, 2018 - 7:32 pm

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Many NFL players, from Tom Brady to Le’Veon Bell, elected to skip OTAs this offseason.

Former NFL running back Rashad Jennings has no problem with that.

“Every coach wants their player there, and every team wants to grow with their players,” Jennings said on Reiter Than You. “But to be very honest, depending on the type of training those facilities have, the strength coaches, all the players that are vets could be better off training on their own with a personal trainer that’s specifically dedicated to getting their body ready for the season. 

“The season is not a joke, and it’s not easy to get through,” Jennings continued. “Camp is not easy to get through. You lose so many bodies and you lose so much of your career (to injuries) in camp. So if you are somewhere diligently training, diligently sharpening your craft, missing a couple of practices where you’re running around in your underwear – you don’t have pads on, you’re not hitting. And if you’ve done it year in, year out, then it could backfire to a certain degree.”