Goodman on 2020 NBA Draft: Talent "not great at the top"

Jeff Goodman isn't sold on this year's NBA Draft class, but there is one player he believes will rise above the rest

Reiter Than You
November 18, 2020 - 2:15 pm

USA Today Images


Between no March Madness and no NBA Draft Combine, it’s been a tough year for NBA scouts. In fact, it’s entirely possible that there could be more misses than usual in the NBA Draft on Wednesday.

Then again, there could be more misses this year due to lack of talent.

“I don’t care about the Combine and the workouts; these guys saw the players enough over the course of the regular season,” Stadium NBA reporter Jeff Goodman said on Reiter Than You. “It’s just not a great draft at the top. There’s not a lot of guys that you look at and you say, ‘Wow.’”

LaMelo Ball, James Wiseman, and Anthony Edwards are projected to be among the top picks. Goodman isn’t sold on any of them.

“Anthony Edwards . . . looks the part. He totally does,” Goodman said. “But there’s a ton of red flags [with his shooting ability and personality]. . . . He looks completely disengaged at the end of the season this past year. Now there’s some people at Georgia that I really trust that love him. I said I think he might be the biggest bust in this draft, and I had somebody at Georgia say to me, ‘I’ll bet you a steak dinner on it.’”

Still, Edwards is far from a sure thing. So are the other top prospects.

“LaMelo Ball was overseas,” Goodman said. “Great passer, great court vision. His shot is worse – it looks worse – than his brother, Lonzo’s. It looked terrible years ago, and he doesn’t guard a tree. James Wiseman, 7-1, great athlete, looks like David Robinson. [But] he only played three games [at Memphis], and he’s a big man in an age in the NBA in which it’s guards and mostly dimensional wings. Those are your top three picks.”

Goodman believes Edwards will likely go No. 1 over Ball.

“I think Edwards is going to go No. 1 because I just think there’s more there when you look at him physically,” Goodman said. “He’s a man and he’s an athlete and he looks the part. But if he’s not wired to love the game and work at it, he’s going to be a Monta Ellis-type guy who puts up numbers but they’re empty numbers.”

Ultimately, Goodman believes the best player in the draft will likely be an international player.

“I don’t know who the hell it’s going to be,” he said. “I guess I’ll go with Deni Avdija out of Israel because he’s versatile. He’s not Luka [Doncic] by any means, but again, I don’t have a lot of faith in a lot of these guys that are going to go one, two, and three.”