Cutler On Luck: "I Think He's Done Forever"

Jay Cutler does not believe Andrew Luck will play another down in the NFL

Tiki and Tierney
August 28, 2019 - 6:26 pm

Jay Cutler knows what it’s like to retire – and un-retire – from the NFL. He knows the thoughts and feelings that a player, especially a quarterback, has during that time.

And he does not think Andrew Luck will play another down in the NFL.

“I think yes, he’s done forever,” Cutler said on Tiki & Tierney. “I think being done, retiring, it’s always hard. I think you always think you can play more and you’ve got more to offer. But listening to Andrew – and I probably can echo some of these thoughts – there comes a point where mentally and physically you just don’t feel like you can answer the bell anymore.”

Luck battled numerous injuries in recent years and was sacked 174 times in 86 regular-season games – just over 2.0 sacks per game.

Being blindsided or thrown to the ground by a large, angry man isn’t fun.

“You want to avoid that at all costs,” Cutler said, laughing. “I’ve been in similar situations where the offensive line is really struggling. Being a competitor, you try to hang in there and win games and get the ball downfield. I know the feeling is tough. Anybody, there comes a point in time where those hits just add up and things start falling apart. After that, it’s kid of dominoes. One thing falls apart, you get that back, and then something else falls apart. 

“So I’ve been in similar situations, and I feel for the guy,” Cutler said. “It was really admirable the way he did it, thought about it, and it wasn’t off the cuff. I wish him the best of luck. I know it was a tough way for the fans to find out.”

Colts fans learned of Luck’s retirement during a preseason loss to the Bears. Many, in fact, booed him.

“The way it was leaked out, I’d be ashamed of myself for doing that,” Cutler said. “I think Andrew Luck deserved more. He’s been a great ambassador for the Colts and the NFL, and I don’t think he’s ever really done anybody wrong. There wasn’t a lot of class in that.”