Jason Sehorn Calls Out Giants: "What's The Plan?"

From trading OBJ to returning – and benching – Eli Manning, the Giants have made some questionable moves in recent months

Tiki and Tierney
September 19, 2019 - 6:13 pm

Jason Sehorn played for the New York Giants from 1994 to 2002, and he shared some candid thoughts about his former team Thursday on CBS Sports Radio.

“Why would you get rid of a talent like OBJ?” Sehorn began on Tiki & Tierney, the first of many Giants critiques. “So he’s got an attitude. I’m sorry, there’s a lot of athletes with attitudes. You don’t just move them because they have an attitude. So that was my first issue.”

As for quarterback, Sehorn had no problem with the Giants taking Daniel Jones in the first round of the NFL Draft, but he doesn’t understand why they didn’t cut ties with Eli Manning in the offseason.

“When you watch the Giants, you felt like the expectation was to win,” he said. “They didn’t bring someone back for his 16th season to groom a rookie. They brought him back to win. You can bring in somebody else to groom a rookie if you plan on losing. That was my issue. So two weeks in, rip cord. . . . What is the plan?”

As Brandon Tierney pointed out, it’s tough to get rid of a quarterback who means so much to a franchise – and its fan base.

Sehorn found that laughable.

“Are you serious?” he said. “Sports is now nostalgic, or sports is wins and losses? I did not ever feel the camaraderie of the fan going, ‘Hold on to him for another year.’ They’re like, ‘Move his ass out.’ I’ve seen two people in all my years – and it’s Derek Jeter and Eli – where they make excuses toward the end. I felt like Jeter could have played until he didn’t want to play.

“Why is it tough?” Sehorn continued. “It’s about wins and losses. What you’re supposed to be is subjective as a general manager, as a head coach, as an owner. It’s about production.”

If that’s callous, well, so be it.

“It has to be callous,” Sehorn said. “It has to be cut and dry. It can’t be emotional. It has to be based on the performance.”

Manning, 38, has been lacking in that capacity. He has thrown 42 touchdowns and 26 interceptions in his last 33 games.

“I have nothing against Eli,” Sehorn said. “I don’t even know Eli. But the production value isn’t there anymore. It wasn’t there at the end of last year, and you knew that. Everybody thought that was the swan song. You do not have a 16-year vet groom a first-round pick. You don’t do that.”

Click below to listen to Sehorn’s interview.