La Canfora: "Sean McVay Is A Bleeping Unicorn"

With so many young head-coaching hires, the tail is wagging the dog in the NFL, Jason La Canfora says – and it isn't going to work

January 15, 2019 - 9:14 am

USA Today Images


Sean McVay is many things – and after the last few weeks, trendsetter is one of them.

Yes, from Matt LaFleur to Kliff Kingsbury to potentially Zac Taylor, several 30-somethings have been hired – or reportedly will be hired – as NFL head coaches. They can thank McVay, 32, for these gigs. 

How long they hold these gigs, however, remains to be seen.

“There’s a lot of the tail wagging the dog,” NFL on Today’s Jason La Canfora said on Ferrall on the Bench. “It’s self-fulfilling prophecy. If you spent these weeks and months – the GM and the team president all sitting there with the owner – saying, ‘We need one of these guys: A QB whisperer (and) play-caller. That’s what we need.’ Well, that’s what you’re going to find. That’s how Matt LaFleur ends up being the first coach hired in the NFL with the iconic Green Bay Packers. That’s how the Arizona Cardinals are willing to blow out Steve Wilks after barely getting half a chance and then go hire a dude who couldn’t win in the Big 12. That’s where we are. There isn’t a rational explanation for it.”

Many NFL teams are taking the Rams’ approach and hoping to find lightning in a bottle. La Canfora’s message: good luck with that.

“Sean McVay is a bleeping-bleeping unicorn,” he said. “He’s a young Don Shula. He’s a young Madden. He’s a young Belichick. He will, eventually over the course of his career, produce a long and fruitful coaching tree, but it doesn’t mean every coach who’s ever coached a position group for him or ever hung out with him at a coaching seminar or ever traded plays with him over the Internet is ready to run an NFL team – and it takes more than coaching a quarterback to win in this league. I just think right now people are hoping and praying and guessing. It’s just not going to work. Most of these are not going to work, and several of them, I believe, will fail spectacularly."