Jamie Erdahl: Ed Orgeron's Humility Let This Unfold

Joe Burrow, Joe Brady and others deserve credit for LSU's season, but so does Ed Orgeron

The DA Show
December 03, 2019 - 1:38 pm

No. 2 LSU (12-0) just put the finishing touches on an undefeated regular season and is one win away from its first SEC title since 2011. Heisman candidate Joe Burrow deserves a lot of credit for that. So does passing game coordinator Joe Brady.

And, last but not least, so does Ed Orgeron, who has stepped into the shadows and allowed others to enjoy the spotlight.

“I’ve been saying this all season long, how much humility it really takes,” lead SEC on CBS reporter Jamie Erdahl said on The DA Show. “You don’t get into head-coaching, I don’t think, without a bit of an ego to stroke. As we all know, we kind of have to manipulate and work with coaches and you want to be on their good side and you know how to get there. Ed Orgeron doesn’t really have that slice of his personality. I think that goes right in line with how he’s been able to bring Joe Brady in and allow him to have this spotlight.”

LSU offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger has also been critical to the Tigers’ success this season.

“He is a brilliant offensive mind,” Erdahl said. “Yes, Joe Brady’s arrival from the Saints and bringing in an NFL-passing-style offense has been of the utmost importance for LSU. But it’s really, I think, a perfect storm of all three between Joe Burrow’s development, his comfort coming into this LSU offense. I think if this was Joe Burrow’s first year at LSU, I don’t think we’d be seeing the season that we’re having.”

Burrow, who transferred from Ohio State in 2018, has thrown for 4,366 yards, 44 touchdowns and six interceptions this season.

“Keep in mind he had last season to get comfortable in his surroundings,” Erdahl said. “He’s really arrived. And then you have Steve Ensminger with his brilliance and his experience in college football, and then you have this breath of fresh air from Joe Brady coming in with the NFL stuff – I think it was the perfect storm for LSU to put this offense on the field this season. So a lot of pieces had to come into play, and at the top of it all is Ed Orgeron allowing this to unfold and him letting this offense go into the limelight. This is Ed Orgeron. His greatest compliment is his humility in letting this unfold.”

LSU plays No. 4 Georgia (11-1) in Atlanta on Saturday at 4 p.m. ET.