Jaguars Reporter: Jalen Ramsey Not Walking The Walk

Ramsey likes talking the talk, but he hasn't backed it up on the field; the defense has allowed 70 points in its last two games

October 18, 2018 - 7:49 am

USA Today Images


The Jacksonville Jaguars started the year 3-1, but the last two weeks have not gone as planned. They’ve allowed 70 points in their last two games and failed to score a single point in either first half. 

It was ugly.

“The offense is decimated, and Blake Bortles isn’t the kid of guy you can just throw a bunch of street free agents around him and go, ‘Hey, make these guys good,’” Associated Press Jaguars reporter Mark Long said on Ferrall on the Bench. “He’s not Aaron Rodgers. He’s not Tom Brady. He needs a supporting cast. We all know that. And this supporting cast is banged up and not very good, so Blake Bortles is naturally struggling. The biggest question, at least after last week’s 40-7 debacle in Dallas, is what happened to the defense?”

The Jaguars allowed an average of 14.0 points in their first four games. They’ve allowed an average of 35.0 in their last two.

“They were shelled,” Long said. “They were gouged on the ground and big play after big play. They’re not getting pressure, they’re not making tackles. Cole Beasley looked like Randy Moss in his prime. They're a shell of themselves. So all of a sudden the offense sucks and the defense sucks, and you put those together and you lose by 33 points to a pretty mediocre Dallas team. So it doesn’t look good in Jacksonville.”

Doug Marrone took matters into his own hands Wednesday.

“Doug Marrone says forget preparing for the Texans; we’re going back to square one,” Long said. “He had a training-camp practice in Week 7. It’s unheard of. They went back to training camp, went back to the fundamentals – square one, the basics, tackling, blocking. It was amazing the things they were doing and the kind of practice they had. It’s not anything you see in the NFL. It’s high school football 101 or something you’d see in college when things aren’t going well and the coach panics and all of a sudden you’re going back and try to start over. It’s too late for that.”

Jalen Ramsey, meanwhile, isn’t saying a whole lot these days.

“It’s one thing if you’re going to talk to talk and then walk the walk,” Long said. “When guys do that, say what you want to say if you can back it up. Jalen Ramsey’s not backing up anything right now. He doesn’t have a pick. He doesn’t have a ton of tackles. He’s not playing all that well. He’s on a bum knee. Zip it, man. That’s what he should be doing: zip it and wait until his play picks up. But the things he’s done in terms of talking the talk is just unbelievable this year. Ripping quarterbacks, ripping Gronk, ripping Tyreek Hill. He didn’t have much good to say last week about Dallas' receivers, and they pretty much shut him up.”

The Jaguars (3-3) will try to right the ship this Sunday. They host Houston (3-3) at 1 p.m. ET.