Jalen Ramsey "Crossed The Line"

If Ramsey wants to critique players, perhaps he should get a job in media, The Ringer's Mike Lombardi said

Reiter Than You
August 15, 2018 - 9:04 pm

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Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey didn’t hold back in a recent interview with GQ, saying that Bills quarterback Josh Allen is “trash, that Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is “overrated,” and that Ben Roethlisberger is “decent at best,” among other digs at various NFL quarterbacks.

The Ringer’s Mike Lombardi has some advice for Ramsey: 

Stop. Just stop.

“We’re not at Florida State. We just can’t talk about other teams,” the former NFL GM said on Reiter Than You. “Our job is to play well, and your job is to be a Pro Bowler. What you need to do is focus on what you can control and what you can handle. When you want to critique other people’s jobs, go take Lombardi’s job at The Ringer or go take Bill Reiter’s job at CBS and you can get on the air and do that – because that’s the time to do it. The time isn’t now to do it. Nobody cares about what you think in this building about other players. It can only hurt us. It serves to hurt the team – and when you hurt the team, that becomes conduct detrimental to the team.

“I’m sure Doug Marrone stood in front of the team and said, ‘Fellas, we’re not going to tolerate this. Guys want to talk about others players in the league, we’re going to view that as conduct detrimental,’” Lombardi continued. “That could have a hefty fine. There’s a freedom of speech we have in America that is so important and we all earned the right through the patriotic efforts of everybody that we get that. But in (the) NFL, you don’t really have that right to speak freely about other teams. You need to keep that confidential – and I think that’s when he crossed the line.”