Rapoport: Jags' Defensive Performance "Pretty Stunning"

The Jaguars have allowed 70 points in their last two games, including 40 to Dallas on Sunday

The DA Show
October 15, 2018 - 1:27 pm

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The Jacksonville Jaguars had a solid first month of the season. They beat the Patriots and started 4-1. 

The last two weeks, though, have been ugly. Jacksonville has dropped back-to-back road games against the Chiefs and Cowboys – by a combined score of 70-21. In fact, the Jaguars (3-3) are averaging just 9.0 points per game in their three losses.

As troubling as the offense is, however, the defense has been even worse. Forty points allowed? To a team, Dallas, that entered the game averaging 16.6?

“I think we got two things happening,” NFL Network analyst Ian Rapoport said on The DA Show. “Let’s start with the Cowboys. What we saw was 2016 Cowboys; we saw Dak runs, we saw a defense having to really account for him – and he’s a good runner. Not a scramble-to-throw kind of guy; he is a legitimate, good runner.”

Indeed, Prescott ran 11 times for 82 yards and a touchdown against Jacksonville. He also threw for 183 yards and two scores and finished without a turnover.

“The defense having to account for him makes it hard because Zeke is also pretty good,” Rapoport said of Ezekiel Elliott, who had 24 carries for 106 yards and a touchdown. “The fact that they don’t really have the weapons they would need on offense just as far as overall skill guys means that they decided to utilize Dak like that, and it was hard. The Jaguars probably did not come in ready for that, and they looked bad doing it. I think that’s one part of it.

“The other part,” Rapoport continued, “is they are talented, obviously, but they have not been getting to the quarterback like they need to. Jalen Ramsey, as a player, he’s great, but the secondary needs to work in concert with the front seven, and it has not been the case. They have not been getting enough pressure. There haven’t been enough easy picks, and someone needs to help each other. This Jaguars defense looking bad was pretty stunning yesterday.”

The Jags will try to right the ship this Sunday against Houston (3-3). Kickoff is at 1 p.m. ET.