Rapoport On Firing Dan Quinn: Falcons Not There Yet

Ian Rapoport explains why Dan Quinn is still Atlanta's head coach

The DA Show
October 14, 2019 - 11:02 am
Falcons Dan Quinn

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The Atlanta Falcons lost a game they needed to win Sunday, falling to the Arizona Cardinals, 34-33, in the desert. It was the Falcons’ (1-5) fourth straight loss, as they have allowed 87 points in their last two games.

At this point, what is the argument for not firing head coach Dan Quinn?

“I just think they’re not there yet,” NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said on The DA Show. “They’re definitely considering. It was not a good loss. It was one, I would say, that would probably be on personnel as much as coaching because the kicker you brought in, who’s supposed to be reliable, misses a PAT that would have sent you to overtime. Say whatever you want about Dan Quinn, but what in the world is he supposed to do? If you send a kicker up there to kick a PAT, he’s supposed to kick a PAT. But I would say they’re just not there yet.”

The Falcons host the Rams (3-3) and Seahawks (5-1) before their Week 9 bye. Depending on how the next couple of games go, Quinn might not make it to November.

“I would say that is probably not the target date, but that’s probably the most likely situation were you say, ‘We’re going to evaluate after the bye,’” Rapoport said. “If things have not improved, then I would say it would be a difficult situation for Dan Quinn. I would wonder about Thomas Dimitroff as well. They lost Scott Pioli earlier in the year. Those two are tied to the hip. I’d be very curious to see what decision they make with Thomas Dimitroff as well.”

Matt Ryan has thrown for 300+ yards in every game this season. He finished 30-of-36 for 356 yards and four touchdowns against Arizona, but it wasn’t enough. Matt Bryant missed a PAT in the final two minutes that could have forced overtime.

The Falcons trail the Saints (5-1) by four games in the NFC South.

“The season isn’t quite over yet,” Rapoport said. “I know they’re not good, but you still could turn it around. And think about it logistically. He’s also the defensive coordinator. So you fire him, you’re going to need a new defensive coordinator as well, and you’re going to find a guy where? I’m not even sure what they would do. In the interim, they would have some options.”

That includes assistant head coach Raheem Morris.

“Raheem Morris has been a head coach – he actually won 10 games with a crazy Bucs situation – so he potentially would be in line to be the interim,” Rapoport said. “But defensive coordinator would be a legitimate question. So logistically, there’s some things they would have to figure out. I just think they haven’t gotten to that place yet. I think part of the deal is they fired all their coordinators before this season. When you do that, there’s no one else to fire. That, I think, is why we’re talking about Dan Quinn and not some other coaches right now.”