Houston Nutt: LSU-Texas Will Be a 'Slobber-Knocker'

CBS Sports CFB Analyst Previews Big Matchup

Taz and the Moose
September 06, 2019 - 9:52 am
Sam Ehlinger

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CBS Sports college football analyst and former college football head coach Houston Nutt joined Taz And The Moose on CBS Sports Radio Friday morning. 

The big talk of the week in college football is the huge matchup that goes down in Austin, Texas between the Texas Longhorns and LSU Tigers. It should be a doozy. 

"Can't wait to see this one. LSU and Texas, all eyes will be on this game," Nutt said. "If you go back to the Texas game last year in that bowl when they beat Georgia, Sam Ehlinger makes a statement 'hey, we're back.' So we're gonna see if they're really back. This is going to be a big game. LSU, I think they looked really good, very quick on defense. Joe Burrow doing a heck of a job executing, very accurate. I can't wait to see this one head to head." 

It's important for a team like Texas to have a big game like this on their schedule early.

"I think it brings a lot. When you're going through your training in August and maybe the summer too, your seniors they take ownership and their eyes are on this is a big test," said Nutt. "We have LSU and everybody hears about the SEC, especially SEC West. And now they come to your backyard. Texas and LSU are looking forward to this game. I think there's no doubt about it. I think it brings a little bit more sense of urgency, the way you go about things and there's just respect on both sides. It will be a slobber-knocker, there's no doubt about it."

What should people be keeping an eye on going into this big matchup. 

"This Texas offensive line, are they going to be able to keep Sam Ehlinger upright? Are they going to be able to run the football? To me it is going to come down to this is in the trenches. Can the o-line of Texas, can they handle the quickness of LSU's defensive line? Keep your eyes on that. That's going to be the difference to me. If you look real closely at the ends that LSU has. They're so quick. Their first step coming off the edge is very, very quick. Texas is going to see a different speed than they have seen the first week naturally. I think that is going to be the difference. It's going to be in the trenches. Remember Texas has lot some running backs as well. There's going to have to be a younger guy that is going to have to set up. To me, that's going to be the difference." 

No. 6 Texas and No. 9 LSU will kick off Saturday night at 7:30 p.m. ET.