Hollins: LeBron Could Find Knicks Appealing

Los Angeles can provide lifestyle and business opportunities, Lionel Hollins said, but so can New York

Reiter Than You
June 27, 2018 - 8:09 pm

USA Today Images


We’ll know soon enough where LeBron James will play basketball next season, but this much is certain: the ball is entirely in his court.

If he needs some advice on where to go, Lionel Hollins is happy to oblige.

“Well, first I would ask him what is he looking for,” the former NBA coach said on Reiter Than You. “If he’s looking for having a group if players that can beat the Warriors – not get to play the Warriors, but beat the Warriors – I’m saying he should probably go to Houston. If he’s looking for lifestyle and business opportunities, L.A. is obviously the top choice, and then you would have to consider New York.”

But the Knicks have missed the playoffs in five consecutive seasons. There’s nobody there.

“There’s nobody in New York right now,” Hollins said, “but there’s nobody in L.A. right now but a bunch of young guys that probably couldn’t help him win. The reality is wherever LeBron’s going, he’s not going by himself.”

James, 33, has been the face of the league for a long time. But eventually he will cede his throne to someone else. 

Who might his successor be? 

“As far as being able to do everything, I look at (Joel) Embiid as being that kind of guy,” Hollins said. “(Ben) Simmons has a role he’ll be great in, but when you can do everything Embiid can do, he’s not as mature yet as the KAT (Karl-Anthony Towns), but I think he’s better physically and more gifted than the KAT is. Not to take anything away from his game or how good he is. But you look at him, and if LeBron walked away in the next two years, you still got KD and you still got Curry.”

But what if James walks away in five years? Or six? Or seven?

“The younger guys, everybody always projects,” Hollins said. “Who could be that generational superstar? I don’t know if there’s really one that’s left. You got Curry and all those guys, but they’ll probably not be in their prime by the time LeBron quits. After that, you never know who’s going to burst on the scene and be great – and we just had another draft. He could be in this draft.”