Hines Ward: Mike Tomlin, Big Ben, AB All At Fault

Ward weighed in on the ongoing soap opera in Pittsburgh

Zach Gelb
February 04, 2019 - 10:28 am

USA Today Images


The Pittsburgh Steelers endured no shortage of drama in 2018. That drama, however, was self-inflicted – and has continued into the offseason.

“For the Steelers not to make the playoffs with all the talent that they had is disappointing,” two-time Super Bowl champion Hines Ward said on The Zach Gelb Show. “It’s not just all on AB, though. I’m not excusing his behavior one bit, but I think head coach Mike Tomlin, he’s in on it, too.”

Tomlin, Ward said, has allowed the drama to fester and escalate.

“His whole motto is the standard is the standard. Well, the culture that exists in Pittsburgh is not the standard of the Pittsburgh Steelers,” Ward said. “We’re not a team that’s known for what they’re doing off the field. It’s all about what we do on the field.”

Ward, who spent his entire career with the Steelers (1998-2011), also took aim at Big Ben.

“Ben Roethlisberger having a radio show, where you’re criticizing guys weekly on your radio show, it’s not a good look when you wear that captain on your chest,” he said. “We always had a motto when I was playing: keep my name out your mouth in the media. That’s it. Don’t talk about another man in the media because you open up a can of worms and you just cause more distractions.”

Ward believes that Big Ben – and every Steeler – should talk to each other face-to-face about any and all grievances they may have.

“If we say we’re a band of brothers, then be a big brother, come to me and tell me what I have to fix or correct away from the media,” Ward said. “All of our leaders, including the head coach, had their hand in the cookie jar. Hopefully they can all come together and get a resolution, sit down like grown men, look at each other and hold yourself accountable. Let’s see if they can change things around.”