Edwards: My Time On TV Has Helped In Recruiting

Herm Edwards has had no problem connecting with players – or recruits; they grew up watching him on television

Reiter Than You
September 24, 2019 - 8:34 am
Herm Edwards Arizona State

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After going 7-6 in his first season at Arizona State, Herm Edwards is 3-1 this year with a win over Michigan State. He has had no problem connecting with players – or recruits – in part because they grew up watching him on TV.

“I think what has helped me in that sense is my years on television,” Edwards said on Reiter Than You. “When I walk in the homes or meet with families, 10 minutes within the conversation, they say, ‘You’re just like the guy on television.’ I say, ‘Yeah, that’s who I am.’ But it’s really being a communicator and understanding that the guy you’re recruiting, he’s not just a football player. I always tell parents, ‘He’s a student-athlete.’ That’s the complete thing you want to build in your program.”

Edwards wants to win Pac-12 championships, sure, but he also wants his players to enjoy their time on campus and to become better people.

“Coaches are teachers. That’s what you do,” Edwards said. “No coach has ever given a player talent. You actually are a teacher. You give them knowledge – not only football knowledge, but experience as a man and how you deal with things and how you deal with ups and downs. Football teaches us that, and how we react to those situations says a lot about who we are as men. That’s important.

“These guys are going to go on,” Edwards continued. “Some of them will play in the National Football League, but most of them are going to go on with their life’s work, and if they leave here better men because they attended this university and we’ve helped them that way, then you’re changing lives. Football is a game where you have the ability to do that, especially in college.”

Arizona State plays at No. 15 Cal (4-0) this Friday at 10:30 p.m. ET.