Edwards: Time Constraints Were Big Adjustment

As Herm Edwards discovered last year, the differences between coaching in college and the NFL are many

The DA Show
August 14, 2019 - 12:46 pm

Herm Edwards spent the majority of his coaching career in the NFL, ultimately serving as head coach of the Jets and Chiefs from 2001-05 and 2006-08, respectively.

Then he took 10 years off. Then he returned to coaching – not in the NFL, but in college.

The differences between the two are many.

“I think the time constraints obviously (with the) 20-hour rule,” the Arizona State coach said on The DA Show. “That’s 20 hours during the week when the season starts – and three of those go to the games. So 17 hours, how you condense information to players is critical.”

Roster sizes are also different.

“You got 105 players,” Edwards said. “In the NFL, you only dress 46 guys. There’s a lot of moving parts here. I said, ‘You got how many players? Only 45 guys are going to play and you got 105? What do the rest of those guys do?’”

College games are also longer than NFL games.

“You watch it on television, and you kind of say, ‘These games are long,’” Edwards said. “You find out there’s 20 timeouts and there’s a 20-minute halftime. A 20-minute halftime? I said, ‘You could take a nap in 20 minutes.’ NFL halftimes are 12 minutes. As soon as the gun goes off, the clock is running, man. What do you do in 20 minutes? But it’s been a lot of fun.”

Edwards went 7-6 in his first season with wins over Michigan State, USC and Utah, among others. He has thoroughly enjoyed his return to the sideline.

“I love being around these young people,” the 65-year-old Edwards said. “They have a lot of energy, boy, and they got dreams and hopes and it’s fun to be with them and talk to them about life. Not just football, but life. I’ve been around a lot of great coaches, and if I can influence some of these young men when they leave our watch to become better men, then I’ve done a good job.”