Heat Radio Voice: Dwyane Wade Plays Better In A Miami Uniform

South Florida loves two athletes, Mike Inglis said, and Dwyane Wade is one of them

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
March 09, 2018 - 9:35 am

Photo by Getty Images


When the Cavaliers dealt six players before the deadline, Dwyane Wade was lost in the shuffle. Much of the focus centered on Isaiah Thomas leaving and four young players arriving.

But Wade, who spent the first 13 years of his career with the Heat, returned to Miami to lead a team clinging to a playoff spot.

“The prodigal son returns,” Heat radio play-by-play voice Mike Inglis joked on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “He is absolutely beloved in South Florida. There’s two athletes in particular in South Florida people talk about and know about. One obviously is Dan Marino, and the other is Dwyane Wade, who helped bring three championships to the franchise. Everyone beloves him. He does a lot in the community. He loved living here and his kids liked living here, the whole family. He is back now.”

The Heat (35-31) have won five of seven and are currently the 7-seed in the East.

“His demeanor, the experience he brings, the respect he brings to this team who doesn’t have a major superstar is absolutely incredible for this team,” Inglis said. “It means all the difference in the world.”

Wade, 36, played for the Bulls in 2016-17 before signing with the Cavs. Forty-six games later, he was traded to the Heat.

When Wade left Miami in 2016, a return seemed unlikely, to say the least.

“I think it’s water under the bridge,” Inglis said. “Was there some ill feelings? Sure, there probably was. Some feelings were probably hurt. But bottom line, he’s a Heat guy. He puts on a Heat uniform and he plays entirely different than he did with the Bulls and with the Cavs. He was sort of the ambassador that’s on loan to those teams for a little while. He tried. He played very hard, obviously. But it’s like him coming home. He comes in the ball game eight, nine minutes into the first period, and the crowd goes crazy. That is how much he is beloved in this city.”