"Hard Knocks" Director: Justin Herbert Is Going To Be Good

"Hard Knocks: Los Angeles" director Shannon Furman explains why she has high hopes for Chargers rookie quarterback Justin Herbert

Tiki and Tierney
August 11, 2020 - 7:42 pm

Hard Knocks: Los Angeles director Shannon Furman hasn’t spent a whole lot of time around Chargers rookie quarterback Justin Herbert, but so far, she’s a fan. In fact, the NFL Films and Emmy Award-winning producer believes Herbert has the personality to succeed in the NFL.

“We were like 10 minutes into the first walk-through and I texted my assistant director, who played college football, and I was like, ‘You’re going to make fun of me, but my very ridiculously early prediction is that this kid’s going to be good,’” Furman told Tiki & Tierney, laughing. “He’s like, ‘What are you basing this off of after 10 minutes?’ It was really his demeanor, the way he talks to his teammates, talks to the other coaches, just the way he’s carried himself since we met him.”

Herbert, the sixth overall pick in the NFL Draft, completed 64.0 percent of his passes for 10,541 yards, 95 touchdowns and 23 interceptions in four seasons at Oregon. The 22-year-old hasn’t watched Hard Knocks much in the past, but he probably will this year.

“He told us that he never had HBO growing up,” Furman said. “He’s seen clips from the show, but he hasn’t seen a whole show at one time. So it was just literally in those first couple of minutes, just seeing how he spoke to his coaches and how he interacted with his teammates that I was like, ‘I just like him. I feel like he’s a quarterback.’”

While Herbert won’t have to worry about the Chargers cutting him, many players have seen their dreams dashed while the cameras were rolling.

“It’s awful,” Furman said. “We do not enjoy it. It’s a 24-hour period in a normal year where you’re going from the highest of highs for these guys because you’re in the fourth preseason game where a lot of them are getting playing time and doing well. The year we did Cleveland, the roller coaster of emotion from all of our long-shot characters scoring touchdowns, playing well and then getting cut within an hour was awful.”