Analyst: Michigan Fans "Need A Reality Check"

Think Jim Harbaugh should be fired? Well, you may want to think again...

Reiter Than You
December 05, 2019 - 10:32 pm
Jim Harbaugh Michigan Wolverines

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Jim Harbaugh is 47-17 at Michigan. That’s not bad. Unfortunately for him, he’s 0-5 against Ohio State and is yet to win his division, much less the Big Ten, much less the College Football Playoff.

Michigan fans, however, may want to think twice about pushing Harbaugh on the hot seat.

“I think they all need to kind of get a reality check, to be honest with you,” ESPN college football analyst Anthony Becht said on Reiter Than You. “They’re not an elite team like they once were. Great fan base, a ton of fans, but I think they just kind of need to wake up a little bit. To not be able to beat Ohio State – it’s really been a decade-upon-decade problem for this university.”

Michigan has lost 15 of its last 16 games against Ohio State, including eight straight.

“I don’t know what it’s going to take for them to get over the hump,” Becht said. “They’re getting decent recruits; they’re just not getting the right five-star recruits. They talk about coaching. Look, Harbaugh is one of the better coaches out there. He’s gotten a team (in) the NFL to the NFC Championship three straight years. The guy knows how to coach football. There’s no issue with that.”

Then what is the issue? 

“I felt like he leaked into what outsiders think he should do when he changed his offensive system and went a little more spread and tried to be different,” Becht said. “I just felt like that wasn’t what represented him and his style. I think sometimes people think that’s the answer and that’s the way it’s got to be. I just don’t think so. I think he needs to stay true in what he does, and I think what he does works. At some point, they’re going to be able to win. They’re just not that team that people want to remember them being, and that’s the truth of the matter. I think he’s the best coach for the job, and I don’t see anyone coming in and doing anything differently.”