Greenberg: Kawhi Has A Right To Be Upset

Jared Greenberg believes the Spurs "embarrassed" Kawhi Leonard this past season

Reiter Than You
June 25, 2018 - 8:43 pm

USA Today Images


There’s two sides to every coin, and the Kawhi Leonard situation is no different.

“I’m torn on this,” NBA-TV analyst Jared Greenberg said on Reiter Than You. “No. 1, I am totally on the side of what we presume to be the Kawhi Leonard opinion – that the Spurs totally embarrassed him and screwed him this year. I think for once the Spurs organization is being held accountable for their actions – and for the first time we saw it happen publicly. They tried to smoke him out, and it was inappropriate the way they did so.”

Indeed, the Spurs did not seem supportive of Leonard as he recovered from a quad injury. Team doctors cleared Leonard to play, but Leonard’s personal doctors did not. That led to Gregg Popovich and Tony Parker taking subtle – and not-so-subtle – jabs at Leonard, with Parker saying that his quad injury was “100 times worse” than Leonard’s.

“I think most other teams allow their players to go get a second opinion – and if that doctor doesn’t agree with the first opinion, they come together on some sort of agreement,” Greenberg said. “The things Gregg Popovich and Tony Parker said publicly, I think Kawhi Leonard has a right to be upset.”

But is he actually upset? According to reports, yes. According to Leonard, well, the jury is still out.

“On the other side of it, I said presumed,” Greenberg said. “We’re hearing all these reports of what Kawhi Leonard feels and what Kawhi Leonard says. Until I hear out of somebody’s mouth that Kawhi Leonard is going to turn down $219 million – until I hear Kawhi Leonard himself say ‘I want to be traded’ – I don’t believe that he’s going to play for anybody else than the San Antonio Spurs this upcoming season.”