Gradkowski On Flores: "I Think He's Just Being Honest"

Former NFL quarterback Bruce Gradkowski had no problem with Brian Flores publicly critiquing Josh Rosen

Reiter Than You
August 23, 2019 - 9:22 am
Josh Rosen Dolphins

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On Wednesday, former NFL quarterback and current CBS Sports NFL analyst Steve Beuerlein told Bill Reiter why he had a problem with Dolphins head coach Brian Flores publicly criticizing Josh Rosen. On Thursday, former NFL quarterback and current Sirius XM NFL analyst Bruce Gradkowski explained why he had no problem with it.

“I think he’s just being honest,” Gradkowski said on Reiter Than You. “When you go through quarterback competitions, your teammates can tell who’s leading the race and who’s taking the charge, especially at the quarterback position. It’s very hard for Brian Flores to take Josh Rosen’s back when (Ryan Fitzpatrick) is a more natural leader. He’s been in the league for how long, understands how to connect with his players, he understand offenses and defenses – he’s done it for so long. So you can’t just throw in the towel if you’re Flores and say, ‘We’re rebuilding, we’re going to start Josh Rosen’ – and the players see in practice that Fitzpatrick is more ready to play and gives them a better opportunity to win. 

“I agree with him,” Gradkowski continued. “You have to go with the guy that you feel now gives you the best opportunity to win because you want your players to believe you can win now. There’s some other pieces that the Dolphins need, but I feel like it also puts Josh Rosen in a good situation because if things start to struggle through the season, that’s when Rosen gets his opportunity. All he can do is do better so I think it will put him in a better situation initially depending on how Fitzpatrick plays.”

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