Skipper: Ramsey Backlash Unwarranted

GQ writer Clay Skipper found Jalen Ramsey "unbelievably thoughtful and kind and polite"

The DA Show
August 16, 2018 - 12:39 pm

USA Today Images


Jalen Ramsey caused quite a stir this week, criticizing numerous NFL quarterbacks. While he praised Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson, he also criticized Joe Flacco, Josh Allen, Andrew Luck, and Eli Manning, among others.

“He is a guy who is open and candid, and I think that is increasingly in sports a very rare thing,” GQ columnist Clay Skipper said on The DA Show. “So if you can get a guy who is at the top of his game and also does not mind voicing his opinion and does not run it through a media-trained filter, that’s the best of both worlds. In that sense, we were just super excited to get him in the magazine and get behind him.”

Skipper said his conversation with Ramsey was “laid back” and that the 23-year-old is someone who “trades barbs all the time.”

“He’s unbelievably thoughtful and kind and polite,” Skipper said. “In my time with him, (he traded barbs with his girlfriend and agent). I think it’s just sort of how he carries himself. It’s certainly sort of how he carried himself in our short time together.”

Many people, however, read Ramsey’s comments as arrogant and bratty.

“He did not come off that way at all to me,” Skipper said. “Seeing him around people he obviously cares about, people he’s close with – with his girlfriend and his agent, he was unbelievably kind and caring. So he did not come off immature or a brat to me at all. That part of this process is somewhat grading to me, a little bit. 

“You look at the reception yesterday, and you see how many people sort of glommed on to this piece – and I think that’s because you don’t get guys who talk this candidly or this openly very frequently in sports. If we do classify someone who is this open and who does give this type of unfiltered thought out to us as a brat, I personally think this type of personality and this type of exuberance and youth and energy is fun for the league and for sports. 

“So I think to brand him as an immature brat, people who do that, I’d say you’re sort of biting the hand that feeds you because this make sports exciting for us. As an interviewer, it’s exciting for me, but as a football fan, it’s exciting.”