Arenas On Lakers: Too Many People Want Credit

Gilbert Arenas shared his thoughts on the Lakers and explained how they can attract free agents this summer

Reiter Than You
May 23, 2019 - 7:42 pm

The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t missed the playoffs six years in a row, but the 2018-19 season may have been their most embarrassing of the bunch. From the Anthony Davis trade that didn’t happen, to firing Luke Walton, to Magic Johnson stepping down, to the bungled coaching search, the Lakers have been a soap opera from start to finish.

What is wrong in L.A.? 

“I think too many people want to take credit for everything,” Gilbert Arenas told Bill Reiter. “Everyone wants to claim the power of all the moves that’s going to be made, but no one wants to take the fall. Too many people want credit for LeBron coming, for the future. But if it fails, nobody wants to take (blame) for it. If everyone gets in their rightful place, the boat will actually move better through the sea.”

The Lakers still have at least two things going for them: the city of Los Angeles and LeBron James.

“I hear Stephen A. Smith and all them talk about nobody wants to play with LeBron. That’s (expletive),” Arenas said. “If you want a championship, you want to play with LeBron. That’s damn near a given. Players do want to play with LeBron. Players want to be in L.A. But make it appealing. Make it look appealing. Don’t make it look like a (expletive)-show.”