Schwartz: I Have Not Seen Enough From Dak

The Dallas Cowboys have won five straight games, but Geoff Schwartz still has doubts about Dak Prescott

The DA Show
December 10, 2018 - 12:11 pm

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The Dallas Cowboys (8-5) have won five games in a row, and Dak Prescott threw for a career-high 455 yards in a 29-23 overtime win over the Eagles on Sunday.

Geoff Schwartz, however, still has doubts about the Cowboys.

“I’m worried about their offense,” Schwartz said on The DA Show. “I have not seen enough from Dak. I know people will say, ‘Oh, 455 yards.’ Two go-routes, man. Like, come on. We could do that, D.A. We could throw a go-route.”

Amari Cooper shredded the Eagles secondary Sunday, fishing with 10 catches for 217 yards and three touchdowns. He had touchdown receptions of 28 and 75 yards in the fourth quarter alone.

“And you’re playing an Eagles defense where they have guys off the street playing in the secondary for them,” Schwartz said. “They have five guys injured in the secondary.”

Prescott finished 42-of-54 for 455 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions.

"Look, call me a hater, whatever you want to say," Schwartz said. "I just don’t believe in the Cowboys’ offense still. The Seahawks might come in there Wild Card weekend and beat them. I would take the Seahawks over the Cowboys if they played in the Wild Card weekend right now.”

That could very well be the matchup in a couple of weeks.

“Who are you taking?” Schwartz asked. “Are you taking Dak Prescott and that defense or Russell Wilson and that defense? How about the game-winner that (Prescott threw to Cooper that) should have been intercepted?”

Indeed, Prescott may have gotten fortunate in overtime. His pass to Cooper likely should have been picked. Instead, Cooper tip-drilled it into the end zone.

“I know people hate when you say, ‘You got to watch the film,’” Schwartz said. “But there is value in watching football. If you just look at stat lines, they can often be misleading.”

As it stands, the Cowboys will go for their sixth straight win Sunday in Indianapolis (7-6). The Colts have won six of seven since their 1-5 start. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. ET.