Steratore On Missed PI: "Tough, Tough Day" For All Involved

CBS Sports Rules Analyst Gene Steratore shed some light on the missed call that, for many, marred the NFC Championship

Tiki and Tierney
January 22, 2019 - 2:51 pm

USA Today Images


CBS Sports Rules Analyst Gene Steratore dropped by Tiki & Tierney to discuss the missed pass interference penalty that, for many people, marred the NFC Championship on Sunday, as the Rams stunned the Saints, 26-23, in New Orleans.

Steratore explained the ins and outs of the rule, the psychology of officiating, potential league action, and what happens to referees who miss high-profile calls in high-profile moments, among other topics. 

But he wanted listeners to know one thing above all else: in sports, and officiating, there’s no such thing as a routine play – or call.

“It’s not as routine if you really watch this play in real time,” Steratore said. “I’m not defending the play. It’s a miss. We don’t go down that path as officials; we stand up for what we miss – and (it was) a mistake. But it’s these unfortunate situations that occur that are burned into our memory for the course of time. Unfortunately for the teams, the coaches who devote their lives to this – the officials who do the same amount of work, trust me – it’s a tough, tough day, and this will be something that you hope you get through it. But it’s forever etched in our minds and the history of the game. That’s what it is.”

Click below to listen to Steratore’s interview in its entirety.