Parrish: A Lot Of Power Five Coaches Didn't Want Seniors Back

Winter-sport athletes will not receive an extra year of eligibility, and a lot of basketball coaches are more than fine with that

Tiki and Tierney
March 31, 2020 - 5:53 pm
March Madness

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On Monday, the NCAA’s Division I Council voted to grant spring-sport athletes – including those in baseball, lacrosse, and golf – another year of eligibility, as their season was almost completely eliminated by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Winter-sport athletes, however, were not as lucky. Although March Madness was canceled, the NCAA will not grant another year of eligibility to departing players.

“I would not have objected if they did, but I understand why they didn’t,” CBS Sports college basketball analyst Gary Parrish said on Tiki & Tierney. “I was somebody three weeks ago who was hoping they would postpone the NCAA Tournament as opposed to cancel the NCAA Tournament. But given the benefit of hindsight now, we understand why they canceled and didn’t postpone. We’re not going to be having basketball games in this country or football games or anything else, it doesn’t appear, anytime soon.”

Canada, in fact, has canceled all public events through June 30.

“That’s a long time from now,” Parrish said. “It is unfortunate and it is disappointing. But the truth is, the NCAA was put into an impossible situation. It seems clear at this point they did the right thing. As it relates to whether or not seniors should have been allowed to come back, again, I wouldn’t have objected to it, but I understand why they didn’t do it. And the truth is, most of the Power Five coaches that I talked to, they didn’t want that anyway. They thought the seniors that they would like to keep would probably be ready to go no matter what, and that would leave them stuck, in theory, with the ones they didn’t want back anyway. 

“So I think once the college coaches – basketball, at the very least – made it pretty well known to their athletic directors and their conference commissioners, ’We don’t want the seniors to come back, it’s more trouble than it is good,’ then it was never going to pass,” Parrish continued. “I wasn’t surprised when that one didn’t pass.”