Danielson: LSU Deserves Top Seed Over Ohio State

Gary Danielson doesn't know if LSU is better than Ohio State, but he would give the Tigers "the benefit of the doubt" over the Buckeyes

Reiter Than You
December 05, 2019 - 12:49 pm
Joe Burrow LSU

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Never has the battle for the No. 1 overall seed in the College Football Playoff been more important, and in the end, CBS Sports lead college football analyst Gary Danielson believes No. 2 LSU (12-0) is more deserving of the top spot than No. 1 Ohio State (12-0).

“I would give the nod, the benefit of the doubt, to LSU,” Danielson said on Reiter Than You. “They’ve played in the tougher conference, they played the most top-10 teams, they’ve had the best season top to bottom. But I can’t tell you that I think LSU is better than Clemson or Ohio State is better than LSU. I think that’s impossible. The tiebreaker, to me, is who had the best season? To me, if LSU finishes this off, they deserve the No. 1 seed.”

LSU has beaten No. 9 Florida (10-2), No. 11 Auburn (9-3) and No. 12 Alabama (10-2). Ohio State, meanwhile, has beaten No. 8 Wisconsin (10-2), No. 10 Penn State (10-2), No. 14 Michigan (9-3) and No. 20 Cincinnati (10-2). 

LSU’s average margin of victory in those games: 7.3 points. Ohio State’s margin of victory in those games: 28.3 points.

While the metrics favor the Buckeyes, Danielson would give the edge to the Tigers.

“I wouldn’t wish Joe Burrow on anybody,” Danielson said. “I really wouldn’t. He’s driven and he’s got one of the best players in college football that I’ve been talking about for two years and everybody has found this year. Clyde Edwards-Helaire is a nightmare of a matchup. When you put those three receivers out there and you can put Clyde Edwards-Helaire on a linebacker, it’s a nightmare.”

If LSU beats No. 4 Georgia (11-1) in the SEC Championship on Saturday, Danielson believes No. 5 Utah (11-1) deserves the No. 4 seed, provided that the Utes beat No. 13 Oregon (10-2) in the Pac-12 Championship.

“The Pac-12 has only been represented once in this thing, and we’ve seen Oklahoma a few times,” Danielson said. “Looking who Baylor played in their non-conference games, I just think top to bottom, Utah has had a better season. I don’t know if they would beat Oklahoma. I don’t know if Baylor could beat Utah. To me, it doesn’t matter. For me, it’s the most deserving team, and this year, to me, it’s Utah.”