Danielson Gives College Football Playoff Picks

Yes, Clemson and Alabama will be there, Gary Danielson says, but there's a dark horse that could spoil the party

Reiter Than You
August 01, 2019 - 7:42 pm

The college football season is right around the corner, and while every year is different, the same cast of characters figure to be there in the end.

“I don’t know if there’s a sport easier to pick than the College Football Playoffs,” CBS commentator Gary Danielson told Bill Reiter. “If somebody gave you $1,000 and said you had to bet on one team to be in the playoffs, I think you’d be a fool not to bet on Clemson. They’ve got a favorable conference, schedule, they have a really good football team, they’ve got an All-American quarterback – they’ve got everything rolling.”

Clemson has reached the playoff four years in a row, winning two of the last three national titles.

“After that, you go Alabama,” Danielson said. “Almost pretty sure that they’re going to be in the hunt right to the end. Georgia is caught in the same conference, so having two teams from the same conference might be a problem for two teams to make it.”

Alabama has reached the playoff every year in its five-year existence, while Georgia is searching for its first national title since 1980.

“The dark horse, if there was one – and I know it’s not really a dark horse – but we might see the return of Oregon,” Danielson said. “I love their quarterback play. I (love) what Mario Cristobal has done making them bigger and stronger. I would take Oregon as one of the teams.”

As for a fourth team to make the playoff?

“If Jalen Hurts can finish off this year like he finished off last year,” Danielson said, “I guess we’re going to see Oklahoma again.”