Trotter: Gap Between Clemson/Alabama And Everyone Else Will Widen In 2019

Clemson and Alabama have squared off in the College Football Playoff four years in a row. Don't be surprised if the streak reaches five.

Reiter Than You
January 08, 2019 - 10:09 am

USA Today Images


Clemson and Alabama met in the College Football Playoff for the fourth consecutive season Monday night. 

Well, don’t be surprised if the streak reaches five.

“What’s really scary for the rest of college football is that next year Clemson and Alabama are going to be 1 and 2 (in the preseason poll), and they’re also going to have the two best quarterbacks in the country,” ESPN college football writer Jake Trotter said on Reiter Than You. “That’s kind of the one thing that’s been a little bit inconsistent for both teams, especially Alabama, where they’ve been so dominant everywhere else. Now you basically add the two best quarterbacks in the country to that equation, and the gap between those two teams and everybody else, I think it’s only going to widen.”

Tua Tagovailoa, who won a national title as a true freshman, led Alabama to a 14-0 start and finished runner-up in the Heisman voting. Clemson, meanwhile, just won a national title with true freshman Trevor Lawrence. Both will be back – and likely better – next season.

Translation: Clemson and Alabama aren’t going anywhere.

“As dominant as both were this year,” Trotter said, “they might be even more dominant in 2019.”