Katie Linendoll Has Two Tailgate Game-Changers

Your tailgate will never be the same

The DA Show
December 13, 2018 - 12:22 pm

Gadget guru Katie Linendoll dropped by The DA Show on Thursday for her annual Christmas Gift Idea Spectacular. Linendoll showed off several gadgets, including a portable heated stadium chair.

“I am very impressed with this gadget,” Linendoll said. “Not only does it heat your butt up to 115 degrees, it also has a massager in there. You’ll never feel better.”

D.A. tried it out. Spoiler alert: He was a fan.

“I love the fact that it’s portable,” Linendoll said. “Where was this in all of my Buffalo Bills tailgating days? It wan’t even the first quarter and we were all frozen over.”

Linendoll also showed off a TV boombox that allows you to watch TV, play music and DVDs, and listen to the radio, among other functions.

“This device is awesome,” Linendoll said. “This is perfect. I have to get to this for my dad. This is a gem.”

Watch the below to learn more about the gadgets!