Thomas: I Would've Hit 800 Home Runs On The Juice

Frank Thomas and Mo Vaughn combined to hit 849 home runs in their illustrious careers, and neither used steroids

The DA Show
June 03, 2019 - 11:33 am

Frank Thomas and Mo Vaughn combined to hit 849 home runs in their illustrious careers, and neither used steroids. 

Think about that.

“I was shocked to find out all the stuff that went on,” Thomas said in studio on The DA Show. “When you got a whole league that’s doing it, I’m just happy that I was clean in that whole era. You look at that like, ‘Wow, how great could I have been?’”

Vaughn wonders the same thing.

“You always look at yourself,” he said. “I say, ‘If I had played another four or five years and I didn’t get hurt, where would I be?”

A Hall-of-Famer, Thomas said, not even a question.

“I don’t think you always go look at where (other players) are,” Vaughn continued. “You always look at yourself and what I would have done or what I could have done. Everybody knows what they did and how they got there. It’s no big deal.”

Thomas hit 521 home runs – clean. How many could he have hit had he juiced?

“Close to 800,” Thomas said. “I think so. I hit probably 200 balls off the wall in my career. It’s true. So I look back at that and go, ‘Wow.’ It probably would have been determined something was going on a lot earlier if I was on that stuff.”

Vaughn hit 328 home runs in 12 seasons, but his career was cut short due to injury. He believes he could have hit 500 home runs had he used steroids.

“Easily,” he said. “If I was on juice, I would have hit (500) easily. I just needed a few more years to hit (500). I would have hit (500) anyway. But listen, I don’t get angry at any of those guys. I want Clemens to get in. Clemens is one of the best teammates you could ever have. I want him to get in. I want all these guys to just get in and let’s get moving.”

Thomas and Vaughn also discussed how the game has changed over the years.

“Baseball was different (when we played),” Thomas said. “It was tough, and it was much more aggressive. Player-to-player contact and everything else, the game has totally changed. It’s not like that anymore. Guys are friends way more than ever now.”

Thomas and Vaughn were good friends throughout their careers, sure, but they knew how to approach it.

“We were best of friends,” Thomas said of he and Vaughn, “but we knew to hang out after the game. We wanted to kill each other between the lines, and that’s just what it was. . . . I see them out there now high-fiving, touching in between plays, they’re getting outs, they’re not even sliding into second base anymore – it’s a different ballgame right now.”

Thomas, though, doesn’t necessarily mind that.

“Not at all,” he said. “The kids are different. I have young kids of my own. Life is a little different than when we grew up.”

Vaughn agreed.

“You would hope we could instill some of our traits in our kids, and we hope they take that,” Vaughn said. “I think our traits can take them a long way. If they have a little bit of edge, a little bit of edge that we had (with) competition, (it) can take them down the line. So we’re hoping for that.”