Martin: It's Hard To Win Consistently With Freshmen

Frank Martin has coached one-and-done players – and winning with them is not easy

Reiter Than You
April 09, 2019 - 9:55 am
Frank Martin South Carolina

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For as much hype as one-and-done players garner, the team that wins the national championship typically has something that has become vastly underrated in college basketball: experience.

“I’ll use myself as an example,” South Carolina head coach Frank Martin said on Reiter Than You. “You covered me when I had two one-and-dones in Mike Beasley and Bill Walker at K-State. In my five years at K-State, that year was our worst record during my time at K-State. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t do their jobs. That just means they were freshmen – regardless of how talented they were. It’s hard to win with freshmen consistently.

“Now there’s certain schools that do,” Martin continued, “but they have five of the elite freshmen that are all going to be drafted in the first round. When you’ve got one-and-dones that are that talented, we all want to coach those guys. They’re pros. Pros help you win games. Anyone that says differently is just flat out lying.”

Which is why Martin has no issue with John Calipari or Mike Krzyzewski – or any coach – loading up on one-and-done players.

“I’ve got no problem with the one-and-done,” he said. “I’ve always believed they should be able to go out of high school, and I’ve changed my stance. I think rather than go to the baseball model or football model or women’s basketball or hockey – because every other sport keeps them out once they go to college for X number of years. We’re the only sport that keeps them out just one year. I think they should go at anytime. If they want to leave after their freshman year, go. Sophomore year, go. I’ve changed my stance on that completely.”

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