Garcia On Love: "If He's Sleeping, That's A Concern"

The Panthers got pummeled in Pittsburgh on Thursday – and Kyle Love may have fallen asleep

Taz and the Moose
November 09, 2018 - 9:38 am

USA Today Images


The Carolina Panthers were embarrassed in Pittsburgh on Thursday, losing to the Steelers 52-21. As if the optics weren’t bad enough, it appears Panthers defensive lineman Kyle Love fell asleep on the sideline late in the fourth quarter.

“I don’t know if Kyle Love was sleeping, if he was praying – but sometimes big guys need to take a nap,” former Panthers offensive lineman and current WFNZ host Frank Garcia joked on Taz & The Moose. “They got a lot of food in their bellies. I don’t know, man. As far as the team goes, I think they’ll probably address it. I think that we’re going to make a bigger deal about it than maybe is there. I don’t know if it’s warranted or not. But if he's sleeping, then yeah, that’s a concern. How much do you really care about this team? If he’s just closing his eyes and praying – if he’s a smart kid, that’s what I’d be saying.”

The loss snapped a three-game winning streak for Carolina (6-3), which now trails New Orleans (7-1) by a game-and-a-half in the NFC South standings.

Still, there’s a long way to go, and Carolina has a lot to play for.

“Ron Rivera hasn’t lost this team whatsoever,” Garcia said. “He tore into them at halftime. These Thursday night games are meant for the home team to win. It’s almost set up that way with the extra day of preparation because of the (travel day). But that doesn’t have anything to do with complacency – and that’s what we’re talking about here. And that is concerning. But Kyle Love, he’s probably had one of his best seasons. He’s probably been the most consistent D-Linemen we’ve had. When he’s in the game, he’s giving you 110 percent. I’ve never questioned his effort, and I don’t think the team will either.”

Garcia, though, was concerned about Carolina’s response – or lack thereof – to adversity Thursday. The Panthers fell behind 24-7 and never recovered.

“The Panthers didn't respond well,” Garcia said. “They didn’t handle it. That’s concerning. That speaks to, sometimes, leadership. We’ve known Cam’s – not in a bad way – but been a frontrunner. That’s sometimes a great thing; sometimes, as we saw last night, (it’s) not always the best thing. The pressure was getting to him, and this team has not played very well on the road. That’s concerning considering their record right now and the way that New Orleans is playing.”

While the game was on the road in a short week, Garcia wanted to see more passion and will for the Panthers.

“The things that are concerning are the fight, at times, in that game,” he said. “You don’t want to question anybody’s heart, but you have to when you give up 52. They got hit in the mouth and didn’t respond well.”

Carolina plays the Lions (3-5) in Detroit on Nov. 18. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. ET.