Johnson: Brady's Brain Comments "Irresponsible"

Former Patriot Ted Johnson said Tom Brady's comments about his brain "made me cringe"

The DA Show
January 14, 2019 - 11:05 am

USA Today Images


Tom Brady, as many fans know, goes to great lengths to keep his body ahead of the NFL curve. That’s one reason he’s been so durable over the last two decades. 

In December, however, Brady said that his brain, due to extensive training and preparation, is “wired for contact.”

Former Patriot Ted Johnson didn’t appreciate that.

“It just made me cringe a little bit,” Johnson said on The DA Show. “It’s a little bit, I think, misleading to say things like that unless you have medical journals, you have researchers, you have doctors, scientists to back up your theories, that will validate it, that will say, ‘This is absolutely true and people need to take it seriously.’ But he didn’t have that. He just said that his brain is wired for contact, and it makes it feel as if his brain is maybe different or special than everybody else’s.”

Spoiler alert: it’s not. Brady might be great at throwing a football, but that does not make his brain unique. 

"You wonder what Junior Seau’s family thinks about (Brady’s comments),” Johnson said. “Or what Kevin Turner’s family thinks about that. Or what does Steve Gleason think when he hears those types of comments. Andrew Waters, Justin Strzelczyk, Mike Webster – what do those guys think and their families think when they hear those types of comments? 

“So I just feel like it’s a little bit irresponsible for Tom to say that, a little bit misleading,” Johnson continued. “Because a lot of people care what Tom has to say. For somebody that’s gone through that, I feel like it was a little bit out of line for him to say that.”

Johnson, who won three Super Bowl titles with Brady, doesn’t think Brady intended to upset anyone with his comments, but he does think he needs to use better judgment before speaking about something so sensitive to so many people.

“Maybe he wasn’t thinking about those guys when he was talking about it. Probably not,” Johnson said. “But he needs to start thinking about that because there’s a lot of guys that are suffering in silence and dealing with a lot of issues from concussions from playing football. It’s something that I’m very emotional about going through it myself. So I just wish Tom would think about it a little bit more before he said things like that.”