Former Patriot: Charity Basketball Game Put Brady's Drive Into Perspective

Steve DeOssie wanted to talk Super Bowls; Tom Brady, however, wanted to talk three-pointers

Taz and the Moose
February 05, 2019 - 11:15 am

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Tom Brady is 41 years old. He’s played in nine Super Bowls and won six of them. Yet, he doesn’t plan to retire any time soon.


“He’s got an insatiable desire to win,” former NFL linebacker Steve DeOssie said on Taz & The Moose. “There’s something about winning that gets him going. I’ve seen a lot of great players, and I’ve probably seen that in maybe two or three guys that I played with – a Lawrence Taylor-type guy. He looks at it in terms of what gets him going and how he puts a chip on his shoulder every year.”

DeOssie, 56, played in the NFL from 1984 to 1995, finishing his career with the Patriots. He shared a story from 2002 to put Brady’s competitive drive in context.

“After that first Super Bowl, we were playing a charity basketball game up here for the police or firefighters – I forget which one it was,” DeOssie began. “Tom Brady played (in it) the year before he became a starter, and he wins the Super Bowl, wins Super Bowl MVP. We’re sitting there – and it was a month after the Super Bowl – and I said, ‘Hey, great game, Tom.’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, remember? I couldn’t miss last year.’”

Couldn’t miss last year? Huh?

“(He goes), ‘Yeah, right here, we played the same game. I was hitting three-pointers. I couldn’t miss,’” DeOssie recalled. “I’m like, ‘You just won the Super Bowl MVP. I’m not talking about (a charity basketball game).’”

But that’s Brady.

“He has an insatiable appetite for not just winning, but for competition in general,” DeOssie said. “That’s what drives him more than anything.”