Poppinga: Rodgers "Wants To Run The Show"

When conducting their head-coaching search, the Packers would be wise to consult with Aaron Rodgers

Reiter Than You
December 04, 2018 - 8:26 am

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The Green Bay Packers fired Mike McCarthy on Sunday, and ultimately, it was a move they had to make.

“It had to happen,” former Packers linebacker Brady Poppinga said on Reiter Than You. “I love Mike, and Mike’s a phenomenal head coach. Look, I talked to Aaron – Aaron’s my good buddy – but he wasn’t very transparent with me, nor a lot of people, about his relationship with Mike. Mike didn’t evolve with Aaron and his evolution as a player. He didn't evolve to the degree he should have.”

McCarthy became Packers head coach in 2006 – one year after the franchise drafted Rodgers 24th out of Cal.

“Mike had always rode Aaron, treated Aaron like an understudy for years,” Poppinga said. “And Aaron now has grown to be a player to where he needs a coach that’s more like his assistant, to where they kind of facilitate. Mike didn’t do that. That dynamic, one guy evolved to a certain place to where Mike didn’t want to go, and they had to part ways. And that’s fine. I believe Mike is going to land on his feet. I believe he’s going to go to the Cleveland Browns and make them a perennial Super Bowl contender. If not, he’s got other options, too.”

The Packers, meanwhile, could turn to any number of options.

“I don’t think old or young or any of that is going to have much to do with it,” Poppinga said. “Aaron is in a place right now to where he wants to run the show, and he needs to have an offensive staff, a head coach that’s going to take a step back and say, ‘Here’s the reins. We’ll support you any way possible.’ And it could be a defensive head coach. That’s not a problem; sometimes it’s even better. You look at what Tony Dungy did for all those years in Indianapolis with Peyton Manning.”

Two possibilities: Bruce Arians, 66, and, potentially, Kliff Kingsbury, 39.

“Everybody looks at him like the next Sean McVay, although he’s not similar in experience,” Poppinga said of Kingsbury. “Both would work, but you got to let Aaron run the show. That’s where he’s at.”