Former OSU LB: "You Saw A Pissed-Off Urban Meyer"

If Meyer seemed angry Wednesday night, well, he was

Tiki and Tierney
August 23, 2018 - 4:47 pm

USA Today Images


If it seems Urban Meyer came off as less than contrite during Ohio State’s press conference Wednesday night, well, there’s a reason for that.

He was angry.

“I think that was an ill-advised press conference,” former Ohio State linebacker Matt Finkes said on Tiki and Tierney. “You’ve been in talks for 10 hours, everyone’s exhausted – adjourn that and talk again in the morning. Here’s the thing that was going on, and I know this for an absolute fact: There was some very tense emotional times during those negotiations between Urban Meyer and the Board of Trustees. Urban Meyer was very adamant about how he felt he handled the situation and what he felt he did. What you saw last night was, frankly, a pissed-off Urban Meyer. He felt that that outcome should have been much, much different. That’s what you saw.”

Meyer was suspended for three games for failing to hold former assistant coach Zach Smith accountable for poor behavior. Finkes, however, felt the suspension was unwarranted.

“You can’t react to this on an emotional level,” he said. “That’s what happened since Brett McMurphy started this report. You need to separate the emotion from the facts of the matter. The facts of this case are there’s a domestic dispute going on, Urban Meyer and Gene Smith reported the way they were supposed to, this is not a Title IX issue – it never was a Title IX issue. So I think what you have to look at is did Urban Meyer do what was contractually necessary for him? He did that. That is where I think this gray area (is) of did the punishment fit the crime? To me, I don’t think it does.”

Tiki and Tierney, however, believe Meyer lost credibility by lying at Big Ten Media Days. It came across as a cover-up.

“I think that there’s a lot of information that people are basing on feelings: ‘This is domestic violence and we got to stand up and there’s a cover-up,’” Finkes said. “Did Urban handle Big Ten Media Days horribly? Absolutely. But again, are we going to persecute a guy and suspend him for lying to the media at Big Ten Media Days?

“He said that he was reacting to the Brett McMurphy report that there was an arrest for domestic violence in July 2015, which was Brett McMurphy’s original report before he edited it on Facebook,” Finkes continued. “That’s what Urban Meyer was replying to: that I have no knowledge of that happening – meaning the arrest happening. So if you want to parse words, you’ve got to go back to exactly what was in that Brett McMurphy report before he edited it 15-plus times on Facebook.”