Becht On AB: "If I'm The GM, It's A Big Hell No"

Former Tampa Bay tight end Anthony Becht thinks the Buccaneers should stay away from Antonio Brown

Zach Gelb
March 19, 2020 - 3:45 pm
Antonio Brown NFL

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There’s a chance, however remote, that Antonio Brown could end up in Tampa Bay with Tom Brady next season. The Buccaneers are clearly all in with Brady, so if he wants AB, should they sign him?

“For me, if I’m the GM, it’s a big hell no,” former Buccaneers tight end Anthony Becht said on The Zach Gelb Show. “I don’t want that guy anywhere near the building and in this organization. Is that going to be a priority? Is that something Tom Brady spoke to them about and says, ‘Look, we need to give him a chance’? I don’t know. That’s hard to tell. I think it’s a conflict of interest. I think they got enough firepower.”

Brown, who turns 32 in July, was one of the most productive wide receivers in the NFL from 2013 to 2018, but his off-field antics and legal issues derailed his career. 

“I really just can’t see the organization going out on a limb for a guy that’s gotten about five or six chances to redeem himself,” Becht said. “He’s clearly got some personal issues. He’s got some internal issues. He’s got to deal with them. Maybe he is. But he needs more time to deal with them, in my opinion. The more he stays in the dark and you don’t hear from him, I think the better opportunity or chance he may get. But to think they’re going to go out early and try to bring him in, I just can’t imagine that’s going to happen. Only time will tell, but I would say an astounding hell no if I was the general manager or anybody a part of that decision process.”

As it stands, Brady will have arguably the best wide receiver duo in the league at his disposal in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Evans, 26, and Godwin, 24, combined for 153 catches for 2,850 yards and 17 touchdowns last season.

The Buccaneers haven’t won a postseason game since winning the Super Bowl in 2002, but how good can they be with Brady under center?

“They’ll make the playoffs, in my opinion,” Becht said. “They should have been a playoff contender last season, but the quarterback position was not consistent enough on a week-to-week basis. A lot of gaudy numbers, but Jameis had his chance to [lock down the job] and he didn’t. That’s ultimately the difference. I think the quarterback is going to make the biggest difference for them. Why not get the greatest of all time? I think that’s going to translate to a lot more Ws in those close games that they didn’t have. 

“Would I put them ahead of the Saints today as the best team in the division?” Becht continued. “No, but I promise you as this starts rolling a little bit and they start playing, they’re going to become more of a favorite throughout the league.”