Jon Dorenbos Shares The Powerful Story Of His Life

When Dorenbos was 12, his father murdered his mother; life would never be the same

The DA Show
November 07, 2019 - 1:10 pm

Former Pro Bowl long snapper Jon Dorenbos dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Thursday to discuss his life and career, among other topics. 

The 39-year-old has a heartbreaking yet inspirational story. When Dorenbos was 12, his father murdered his mother. While football would become an emotional outlet for Dorenbos, magic became a creative one. He would see magicians do card tricks and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

“I would sit down and shuffle cards, and the world would just quiet,” Dorenbos said in studio on The DA Show. “It was the one moment that I didn’t worry about the therapy I was in, I didn’t worry about my dad going to prison, losing my mom, the foster home, moving in with my aunt – there was a lot going on. When I sat down and when I heard the riffle and I heard the sound and I shuffled, the world just quieted and I was just a kid. I wasn’t thinking about all these adult issues. So those became my 52 buddies. I took them everywhere, and ironically, if I need to make a decision, I sit down and I shuffle, whether for five minutes or hours, and I found an outlet that never lies to me and always tells me when I’m wrong. It’s been a great outlet my whole life.”

Over the years, Dorenbos has been open about his story – to the point where people often approach him and tell him what he means to them.

“I love people, and you can’t fake that,” Dorenbos said. “If people feel like they know me and they come up to talk to me, I automatically feel like I know them. I just love learning and love sharing. To be an open book, I think, is a good thing. There were people along my path that were open books that helped me get through the things I got through, and then I just realized I’m kind of on a platform. People were telling me, ‘Hey, your story can help people. You should share it and share how you got through these struggles.’ Here I am. This is my life. I hope that the things that I’ve been through – and the way that I got through them – can help people.”

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