Former NFL GM: Eagles Must Keep Foles

Billy Devaney explained why Philadelphia can't let go of Nick Foles

Taz and the Moose
January 15, 2019 - 10:24 am

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After losing to the Saints in heartbreaking fashion this past Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles officially have a choice to make. Do they keep Nick Foles – and pay him $20 million next season – or do they roll with Carson Wentz, who has suffered season-ending injuries two years in a row?

“Man, that’s a tough one,” Atlanta Legends GM and former Rams GM Billy Devaney said on Taz & The Moose. “I’m probably, I guess, in the minority, but I find a way to try to keep Foles, whatever you have to do to keep him.”

Most executives would probably feel the same way about the reigning Super Bowl MVP, especially given Wentz’s injury history.

“When Carson Wentz was coming out, I absolutely loved him,” Devaney said. “I thought he was the best player in the draft, and he had all the physical skills. There was one thing that always kind of bothered me about him: his durability. There was a reason this guy was at North Dakota State. He was hurt his senior year in high school. He was not heavily recruited. He was hardly recruited at all. Nobody knew who he was. He didn’t play. His last year at North Dakota State, he was hurt twice. It might have been the first game of the season: he had a high-ankle sprain and missed time. Then he was hurt later in the season.

“There’s been questions since he’s been at Philadelphia,” Devaney continued. “Now, they’re all legitimate injuries. The guy is as tough as anybody. But I know Howie Roseman, the general manager, he’s got to be holding his breath. ‘If we let go of Foles and we’re going full bore with Wentz, I hope he makes it through the season.’ That’s the only knock on Wentz at this point in his career.”

The Eagles, by the way, are in win-now mode, which complicates matters.

“The window is now for Philadelphia,” Devaney said. “They’ve got to take a shot next year. It’s not that young a team. They have to go for it. I think their best chance to go for it is to try to keep Foles. You have Carson Wentz on his rookie contract, so it’s not like you’re trying to keep two high-priced quarterbacks on your roster. You can afford to pay Foles way more than a normal No 2 and you’d still be able to live with it. I don’t know. They’re in tough spot. They’re in a really tough spot.”

Foles, who turns 30 on Sunday, is not. If the Eagles move on from him, he will have no shortage of suitors.

“The guy that’s in a great spot is Foles,” Devaney said. “He is in an awesome spot, and shoot, he’s one easy guy to root for. He’s handled things like a champ. Really great guy.”