Mangold To Jamal Adams: It’s Nothing Personal; It’s Business

Former Jets All-Pro Nick Mangold has some advice for current Jets All-Pro Jamal Adams, who reportedly wants out of New York

Zach Gelb
June 25, 2020 - 6:12 am
Jamal Adams Jets

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Jets All-Pro safety Jamal Adams has requested a trade, as he is reportedly unhappy with his contract, as well as head coach Adam Gase. Adams is also apparently upset that the Jets almost traded his last season.

Nick Mangold’s message to Adams? Chill.

“I think sometimes that goes to show a little bit of a younger player not realizing the business side,” Mangold said on The Zach Gelb Show. “People get traded all the time. It’s nothing personal. It’s a business. If you’re going to be upset about a team taking a phone call [about a potential trade], it’s going to be a rough go, I think, through a career as an NFL player.”

Mangold played his entire career with the Jets (2006-16) and was a seven-time Pro Bowler and two-time first-team All-Pro. He said he never had a desire to leave the organization.

“I think it got close as we were getting into the final year of my contract,” Mangold said. “Going into that training camp, I didn’t think we were going to get anything done, but then we were able to get it done. I was super excited about it. So I never wanted to, but I was prepared if need be.”

As Mangold explained, it’s important to take reports about contract negotiations with a grain of salt.

“It’s always difficult when you see the media stuff for guys going through a contract because you never know what’s going on behind closed doors,” he said. “The team doesn’t put out any statements, so you’re only getting one side of it. I’m going to watch it play out. I’m going to hope that they get things figured out. I always love seeing talent stick around with us . . . but it’s a business and both sides have to treat it like a business. But for fans, it’s not. It’s tough to deal with – the game side of football and the business side of football."