Former GM: A Lot Of Cap Guys Are "Sweating" Cousins' Contract

Cousins' fully guaranteed contract could become a "dangerous precedent"

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
March 14, 2018 - 9:40 am

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The Minnesota Vikings will reportedly sign Kirk Cousins to a three-year, fully guaranteed $84 million contract this week.

That’s right. Fully guaranteed. As in, Cousins will receive every penny for which he signs. 

“I’m shocked,” former Broncos general manager Ted Sundquist said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I got to be honest with you: I really am shocked. Every team has got to do what’s best for them and what they feel like is best for their particular situation, but at the same time, we do talk a lot. I won’t say that there’s collusion or collaboration with regards to contracts and whatnot, but you understand how the market is working, and there are certain things that sort of set the market – not only for one season, but for years to come. Something like that, it becomes a dangerous precedent. 

“Football has tried very hard to stay away from fully guaranteed contracts like that, and it looks like the genie’s out of the bottle,” Sundquist continued. “The question now is can they cram it back in? There are a lot of cap guys in the NFL right now sweating. My right-hand man, Mike Bluem, who was with me in Denver for a number of years, is up in Indianapolis – and I can tell you right now he’s not happy with that.”

Are teams wary of fully guaranteed contracts because of salary-cap implications or potential injuries?

“I think it’s both,” Sundquist said. “The fully guaranteed situation and the amount of salary cap that’s got to be devoted to one player and the percentage that that chews up for you (is risky). You’re also gambling, especially when it’s a player jumping from one system to another and changing teams, changing coaches, and changing supporting casts. What if it goes the opposite way and doesn’t work for him and you’ve got a situation where a guy who had performed at one level comes in and for whatever reason can’t assimilate? Now you’ve laid your budget out at the quarterback position for a good three or four years and chewed up quite a bit of cap room, and now you have difficulty trying to find a replacement for a guy like that."