Pearson: "I'm So Disappointed In Antonio Brown"

Antonio Brown has become a different person, former Cowboys great Drew Pearson says, and he's "messing with the wrong organization"

Reiter Than You
January 09, 2019 - 8:45 am

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From Randy Moss to Terrell Owens to Antonio Brown, the NFL has seen no shortage of diva wide receivers over the years. These players – and others who play the position – sometimes seem more concerned about their stats than wins. They sometimes make the game more about themselves, instead of making it about the team.

Why is that?

“It’s a head-scratcher,” former Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson said on Reiter Than You. “I just don’t know why that position is labeled that. Maybe because of those stereotypes, maybe they come to fruition. I’m so disappointed in Antonio Brown for his actions, the way he’s acting. He never acted this way before he got the money. As soon as he got that big money, he became more of a diva-type receiver and it’s all about him and the antics and the things that he’s done.

“But let me tell you something: he’s messing with the wrong organization,” Pearson continued. “If there’s any organization that sticks to the values of their organization from when that organization was originated when the NFL began with the Rooney family, it’s that Steelers organization – and those roots are still within that organization because they’re still owned by the family, and they’re not going to tolerate that. They’re not going to let one player bring them down like an Antonio Brown, no matter how good that player is. No matter how good Le’Veon Bell is, they’re not going to let individual players be bigger than the organization and the team.”

To say that Brown and the Steelers are on the outs is an understatement. Brown might be the best receiver in the NFL, but patience for him is wearing thin.

“You see a lot of this now in the NFL,” Pearson said. “A guy catches a pass for five yards on second down and he’s pointing and dancing and doing those kind of things, trying to put the spotlight on himself. Anyway, I don’t know how you correct that. It’s just the character of the people. You look at Amari Cooper. He surprises everybody because he doesn’t do anything after he scores a touchdown. He gives the ball to the official that stands out even more than people acting a fool once they get in the end zone and doing crazy things.”