Forgrave: LeBron Will Go To Lakers

The Rockets are in the running for James, but the Lakers might be his best option, Reid Forgrave says

Reiter Than You
June 12, 2018 - 11:45 am

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Part three of the LeBron James sweepstakes has officially begun, and everyone in the NBA keeps asking the same question: Where is the four-time MVP going to land? This is the multi-million-dollar question that will highlight the remainder of the offseason.

CBS Sports NBA writer and columnist Reid Forgrave dropped by CBS Sports Radio to give his two cents on the matter. 

“I think it’s the L.A. Lakers,” Forgrave told Bill Reiter on Reiter Than You.

That’s not a bad guess. Lakers president Magic Johnson has spent a large portion of his short tenure clearing room to sign notable free agents this offseason. He is projected to have the most cap space in the league this summer – enough to potentially sign two max-level contracts, with James potentially being one of them.

Along with James, the Lakers may also have their eyes set on adding Paul George, with the hopes that both All-Stars can complement a young yet talented roster that includes Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma. 

Forgrave thinks the move to Hollywood makes perfect sense for both James and Paul.

“They have so much cap room,” Forgrave said. “The idea of Paul George and LeBron James on the same team that already has a nice young nucleus – I don’t know if they are sure things by adding those two guys, but I think it might be something close to that.”

Another potential suitor for James’s services is the Western Conference runner-up, the Houston Rockets. Although many NBA fans are clamoring for James to join forces with Chris Paul and James Harden, Forgrave feels there are too many hurdles to jump for this to be a viable possibility.

“I know all of these people that keep talking about the Rockets,” Forgrave said. “It seems that they need to tear down their entire team if they are going to add LeBron James. Look — Chris Paul, LeBron, and James Harden on the same roster is ridiculous, and if Daryl Morey gets the chance to do that, he should do that. You can’t say ‘no’ to having LeBron.”

No matter what happens, LeBron’s third installment of the “decision” will be as highly touted as the previous two iterations — maybe even more.