Florida State DB Prospect Moves In With His Trainer

Instead of conducting virtual training sessions like many NFL Draft prospects, Levonta Taylor is going the extra mile

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
April 09, 2020 - 7:10 am
Levonta Taylor Florida State NFL

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With gyms and parks closing across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, NFL Draft prospects are scrambling to stay in shape. Florida State defensive back prospect Levonta Taylor, however, is ahead of the curve.

Instead of conducting virtual training sessions, he moved in with his trainer in Virginia.

“I’m moving in with him just so I can stay connected the whole time,” Taylor said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “My mom’s house, she’s not that far. All my stuff is at Florida State, so I just got some furniture and stuff and moved [into a] room. He’s been my trainer since I was like 14, so it’s just like family. It was nothing to that.”

Living with his trainer has helped Taylor stay on top of his fitness, but it hasn’t been easy. In fact, a police officer almost shut down one of their recent workouts due to social distancing.

“It’s been pretty hard trying to find somewhere to go,” Taylor said. “We stay spaced out and everything, but it’s hard with everybody shutting the fields down. All the gyms are closed, so anytime I see a little dumbbell or weight, I try to bring it to the house so I can do small things around the house.”

Taylor is relying on dumbbells, medicine balls, and other basic equipment to remain fit.

“I’ve been pretty much staying in shape,” he said. “It’s just not the best quality. But it’s good.”

Taylor has FaceTimed with a few NFL teams, including the Carolina Panthers, and has more calls scheduled in the coming weeks. Teams have asked him about anything and everything, from coaching changes at Florida State to his life off the field to his preferred position. 

“I feel more natural and more comfortable at cornerback and nickel,” Taylor said. “That’s one the main reasons I wanted to come back to college and show that I was a lockdown corner. But we needed some safety help, so I helped the team out and played safety. I’m just looking forward to myself going to the league, getting drafted by a team and just me going there and [becoming] a leader and a true competitor. [I want to] go out there and not just earn a spot, but take someone’s spot, and just be a guy for the team.”