Washburn: Reid More Similar To Belichick Than You Think

There's no one quite like Bill Belichick, but he and Andy Reid might have more in common than you think

The DA Show
January 17, 2019 - 2:03 pm

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CBS Sports analyst Evan Washburn dropped by The DA Show on Thursday to discuss the AFC Championship, but much of the discussion focused not on X’s and O’s, but rather, Andy Reid and Bill Belichick – their personalities, in particular.

“(Andy Reid is) a guy that is obsessed with football, there’s no doubt,” Washburn said on The DA Show. “He seems to be at his happiest in a film room on a white board. Those sessions with his offensive staff have become legendary, even going back to his Green Bay days with Jon Gruden. They had this massive white board – almost like A Beautiful Mind, if you think back to that movie – just drawing up plays. I think that’s where his obsession lies.

“When it comes to his personality, he’s got a very subtle sense of humor that I find endearing and interesting,” Washburn continued. “But he’s very guarded as well. He’s not the kind of guy who comes into our production meetings, kicks up his feet, and opens up to the world. But to me, he is like a lot of coaches and like his counterpart on Sunday, Bill Belichick, who I know he’s friends with and they really respect each other. There’s an obsession with the game of football – and for him specifically, offense that is probably second to none in terms of current coaching.” 

Washburn said Reid and Belichick are more similar than one might assume.

“I think there’s a lot of similarities,” he said. “The way that (Belichick) approaches the media is his method, but people I trust say when you catch him in the right moments and away from the field, he is as interesting and as personable a guy as you’ll find. Conversely, I think Andy Reid would fall under the category of somebody you’d like to sit down and have some wings with and have a few beers and talk football. So much is how you package it as a head coach. They’re all saying around the same thing; it’s just how they package it.”

Washburn used Mike Tomlin as an example.

“You walk out of a press conference from Mike Tomlin like, ‘Man, that was awesome,’” Washburn said. “He has a command of the language. But then you look down at your notes and you think, ‘Man, I don’t know anything about what’s going to happen Sunday.’ So it’s really like advertising. It’s how you sell it.”

As for the game itself, Washburn believes home-field advantage will be an advantage for the Chiefs – not in terms of weather, but in terms of crowd noise.

“As much as we talk about the weather, I think the noise is going to be more impactful than conditions,” he said. “To be honest with you, these sidelines have so many heaters that at times these guys may be sweating when they’re not on the field. But it’s really loud. I think (the Kansas City) defense really will benefit that, and more than the noise, they’ve settled in in terms of chemistry. They’ve got Justin Houston back. They’ve got Daniel Sorenson back. They might get (Eric) Berry back for this game. 

“So they’ve kind of found themselves and have a little bit more continuity than I think they had to begin the year,” Washburn continued. “It’s still not a great unit by any means, but I think in terms of chemistry and continuity, that’s a benefit. And the crowd noise will help.”