McCoy: Jimbo Fisher's Grueling Practices Made Us Better

Erik McCoy reflected on Fisher's first season in College Station and looked ahead to the NFL Draft

The DA Show
April 10, 2019 - 2:17 pm

Texas A&M went 9-4 in Jimbo Fisher’s first season. It was the program’s best 
season since 2013, and the Aggies came oh-so-close to beating Clemson and Auburn, ultimately losing 28-26 and 28-24, respectively.

But it appears they turned the corner nonetheless.

“Year One of Jimbo Fisher was everything I could ask for,” former Aggies center and current NFL Draft prospect Erik McCoy said on The DA Show. “He brought in a new mindset for the whole team. He made the whole team just tough as nails. I thought that was something we really needed coming off of back-to-back disappointing seasons. He’s honestly everything I could ask for as a coach.”

Fisher, who won a national title at Florida State in 2013, replaced Kevin Sumlin, who often struggled to get over the 8-5 hump. Fisher brought a winning pedigree – and mentality – to College Station.

“He challenged us every day mentally and physically – every day at practice,” McCoy said. “We would start periods over, he’s cussing everyone out, everyone is getting treated the same – upperclassmen, lowerclassmen, no matter what the position, no matter if you’re a starter or you’re a backup. We practiced tough. We practiced physical. Long, hard, grueling practices, and I feel like that paid off at the end of the season.”

The Aggies ended the year on a four-game winning streak, beating LSU 74-72 in a seven-overtime marathon and N.C. State 52-13 in the Gator Bowl.

Fisher, though, wasn’t for everyone.

“We had a couple of guys transfer, a couple of guys that just didn’t buy in, and we saw them fall on the depth chart,” McCoy said. “But the guys that wanted to buy in were the guys that started, the guys that played, and the guys that ultimately built the foundation of what that team can be.”

McCoy, meanwhile, could be pretty special in his own right. A potential first-round pick, he could play center or guard in the NFL.

“They’ve discussed it briefly,” McCoy said, referring to conversations with scouts about a potential position change. “The majority of them that I talked to, though, they see me as being the center. But having the versatility – if I’m not a day-one starter to still be on the traveling roster – I can play all three positions on the interior.”

McCoy said “it feels great” to be a highly sought prospect.

“Just the fact that you can see the hard work finally paying off,” he said. “From the time I was a child, I dreamed of this moment, and I’m really excited about it.”