Ed Reed: Americans Need To Work Together During Pandemic

Hall of Fame safety Ed Reed called on Americans to wear masks and follow recommended guidelines in the fight against COVID-19

The DA Show
September 03, 2020 - 9:33 am

When you think of Ed Reed, perhaps you think of his NFL career with the Baltimore Ravens – and for good reason. After all, he won a Super Bowl, was a nine-time Pro Bowler and a five-time first-team All Pro. 

But he was also a two-time All-American at the University of Miami, where he now serves as the program’s chief of staff under Manny Diaz.

Miami, along with the rest of the ACC, plans to play college football this fall despite the coronavirus pandemic. Should they?

“Look, some things are above my head,” the Hall of Fame safety said on The DA Show. “I can tell you this: us, over here at the University of Miami, we’re doing everything possible to make sure our kids stay safe, we stay safe. We’re testing twice, three times a week. We’re all taking tests, we’re all staying negative, and that’s the key around the world. A lot of people want to continue to live their lives, and we should live our lives, ultimately. But be safe. Wear your mask. Clean your hands. Those are the things you should be doing in life in general.”

Many Americans, however, refuse to wear masks and are not following recommended guidelines in the fight against COVID-19.

“Everybody wants to live, but nobody wants to do what we’re supposed to do together,” Reed said. “That’s the problem we have in this world and in this country. We’re not working together. Even through a pandemic where it affects us all – race don’t matter; color don’t matter – we can’t get people on the same page. That’s a shame. We need to take care of our elders, our kids – sick people. That’s what it’s about in life: serving each other.”